Najam Sheikh

A seasoned and results-driven healthcare business executive poised to bring unparalleled strategic insights to your esteemed organization. With over 25 years of experience in the dynamic landscape of healthcare, I am passionate about catalyzing transformative change and fostering strategic growth within the industry.

My expertise lies in orchestrating impactful public-private partnerships, spearheading strategic programs, driving growth initiatives, and providing invaluable corporate strategic advice, and communications. I am committed to delivering exceptional value to shareholders, stakeholders, patients, and the community at large. Renowned as a trusted subject matter expert in the healthcare sector, my unique blend of US and MENA healthcare experience positions me as a leader in the field.

I take pride in my commitment to mentorship and strategic leadership development. Throughout my career, I have actively engaged in mentoring emerging leaders, providing them with valuable insights and guidance to navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry. As a strategic leadership mentor and coach, I have cultivated a reputation for nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and instilling a strategic mindset in my mentees.

My success in understanding and navigating the nuances of the Middle East region adds a distinctive edge to my strategic advisory capabilities. This insight allows me to tailor strategies that align with the unique dynamics of the region, ensuring that the advisory solutions I provide are not only effective but also culturally and regionally relevant.

Najam Sheikh

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