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BERKELEY ME Holding is one of the world’s largest organization. We are looking for people to join us who share our desire to make a positive difference, the confidence to work as part of a team, the insight to spot the opportunity to do things better, and, importantly, the ability to take the initiative and put great ideas into practice wherever they are needed.
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Whether you’re looking for seasonal work, on the hunt for a permanent role or searching for contract work with the biggest name in the industry – your next big opportunity could be around the corner.

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We draw on our development legacy that brings together the collective experience of over 5000 people with offices across 6 countries to solve for tomorrow. We’re striving to consistently deliver innovative work that builds trust and delivers sustained outcomes. And we’re proud of the strength that comes from all our different backgrounds and experiences and we value everyone’s uniqueness. There is no one kind of us and we leverage innovation and creativity that comes from diverse learning to solve complex, multifaceted problems to make the world a safer and more sustainable place.

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What You Need to Know About Us

Berkeleyme Holding company is a multi-national group having decades of successful growth across the globe. We engage in a variety of products and services in various sectors all over the world.