Cosmetics Care Products and Equipment Trading

We are a leading Trader and Distributer of cosmetic products worldwide. Our Trading and Distributor division counts internationally renowned cosmetics companies among its customers.



Our Trading and Distributor division counts internationally renowned cosmetics companies among its customers. The division is part of the Berkeley Holding Group since over the past decade. We have a huge network of Beauty Clinics and Salons, Healthcare Clinics and Pharmacies in Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

We deal in all kinds of distribution of a diversified product ranges including:
• Cosmetic and Beauty Products
• Beauty and Healthcare Equipments
• Consumer Healthcare Products
• Personal Care Products
• Skin and Derma product
• Other related products

Our strong association with reliable market vendors helps us to offer quality products at the user’s premises. Our associated vendors are selected under the strict vigilance of our dedicated and dexterous procuring agent on the ground of their financial status, promptness of deliveries, flexible payment modes, ethical business practices, business rankings and reliability. The vendors who are associated with us help us to meet the exact needs and preferences of the patrons within the estimated period of time. We always maintain a pleasant and friendly relationship with our associated vendors.

Cosmetic and Beauty Products

Anti-Aging Products, Anti-Wrinkles, Astringent Products, Beauty Services, Cellulite Treatments, Collagen Treatments, Cosmeceuticals, Curing, Enhancers, Hair Treatments, Hair Inhibitors, Hair Ornaments, Hair Transplantations, Laser Therapies, Medical Implants, Nail Treatments, Pigment Control Products, Hyperpigmentation treatments, Retinoid and other anti aging products, Scars and Stretch mark Treatments, Skin Whitening and Bleaching, Spa Treatments, Wrinkles and Hydration Treatments

Beauty and Healthcare Equipments

Aesthetic Medical Devices, Body Contouring Systems, Lasers/Lights, Dermabrasion Technologies, Dermatology Products & Instruments, Electrosurgical Equipment, Fitness Equipments, Hair Removal Equipments, Hygiene Appliances, Laser delivery Devices, Laser Surgical Instruments, Laser Systems and Platforms, Massage Systems, Medical Beauty Equipment, Photo Equipment for Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Professional Apparatus for Spa Industry, Self Tanning Machines and Products

Healthcare Products

Body Oils & Aroma, Balms & Ointments, Glycolic Acid Products, Essential Oils, Herbal Remedies, Homeopathic Remedies, Hormones, Mesotherapy Treatments, Mineral Bath and Salts, Natural Products and fruit acids, Nutrition Supplements, Pharmaceutical & Drugs, Restoring Moisture, Tissue Enhancement Products, Vitamin Therapies, Well Being Products, Wound Care

Personal Care Products

Aroma Body Care, Body Exfoliates, Body Hygiene, Therapy, Detergents and Disinfectants, Foot Care Products, Facial Moisturizer, Facial Masks, Enzymes, Scrubs, Hand & Body Moisturizer, Internal Skin Care, Personal Care, Shampoos and Conditioners, Skin Cleansing and Toning, Soaps and Soap Kits, Soft Peel, Sun Protection

Skin and Derma product

Acne Medicine & Treatments, Anti-Inflammatory Treatments, Baby Skin Care, Chemical Skin Peels, Dermatology, Irritations, Skin Healing, Skin Fillers, Skin Peeling Products, Skin Rejuvenation Products, Skin Treatments

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