Hiring for Business Development Manager - Voice of Global Women Sector

As a Business Development Manager in the Voice of Global Women sector, your primary responsibility will be to identify and pursue new business opportunities that will support the organization's mission of promoting women's rights and gender equality globally. You will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies that align with the organization's objectives and help achieve its goals.


Some specific job duties and responsibilities may include:

  1. Identifying potential donors, partners, and supporters through market research, networking, and prospecting.
  2. Developing and maintaining relationships with donors, partners, and key stakeholders to ensure ongoing funding opportunities.
  3. Conducting feasibility studies and analyzing data to determine potential markets, fundraising trends, and competition.
  4. Preparing and delivering presentations and proposals to prospective donors and partners that demonstrate the organization’s impact and value proposition.
  5. Negotiating and closing deals with donors and partners to secure funding and support for the organization.
  6. Collaborating with other departments, including programs, communications, and finance, to ensure the successful implementation of projects and initiatives.
  7. Monitoring industry trends and keeping abreast of new developments, technologies, and regulations that may impact the organization’s fundraising and advocacy efforts.
  8. Maintaining accurate records of fundraising activities and performance metrics, such as revenue, donor engagement, and program impact.
  9. Developing and managing a fundraising team, providing guidance, coaching, and support to ensure the team meets its targets.
  10. Representing the organization at industry events, conferences, and advocacy forums to promote its mission and build brand awareness.

Overall, the role of a Business Development Manager in the Voice of Global Women sector requires a combination of technical knowledge, fundraising expertise, and strong interpersonal skills to effectively identify and pursue new business opportunities and generate support for the organization’s mission. In addition, a strong understanding of women’s rights and gender equality issues, as well as the ability to build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including donors, partners, and supporters, is essential to success in this role.

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